Get access to CLEVER’s network

During your stay in Sweden, you can enjoy our charging networks for electric cars.

Our charging locations are compatible with all modern electric cars. Before you start your journey, make sure that you download our app, where you can locate all our charging spots.

Download our app

When using the app, please make sure the location is compatible with your specific car (CHAdeMO, COMBO, IEC Type 2 ‘Mennekes’, IEC Type 1) by selecting the plugs compatible with your car in the app. The selection can be done in the upper right side of the app.

The app has live status, which allows you to see whether a charging spot is available or occupied.  We have a very high uptime (+99 %) on our network. However, a charging spot can occasionally be out for maintenance. This will always be indicated by a red icon for the specific location in the app. Please note that some locations have more outlets, with diffent plugs. This can be seen by selection the specific location on the app.

What do I need to access the Network?

To access the CLEVER network as a foreigner, you need a charging card (prepaid) with your selection of prepaid kWh.

You have 2 options of getting a charging card.



You can select between 60 kWh or 120 kWh. The price per kWh is the same. The 60 kWh and 120 kWh card can only be ordered through the online shop at the listed prices. Please allow a minimum of 7 days for shipping and handling.

 Order your prepaid 60 kWh card here

 Order your prepaid 120 kWh card here



Or you can buy a charging card when in Sweden. These can be bought at all Prem and Statoil fuel stations with a CLEVER chargepoint. Please note that these prepaid cards has a higher price/kWh.

 A full list of places can be seen here

Important information about the Network

To use our 22 kWh AC chargers, you need a compatible cable with a ”Mennekes”/IEC Type 2 plug towards the charger (for Quick Charging, the cable is fixed).

The CLEVER network is only compatible with cars certified to use the charging standards that apply.

If you have any questions, once you have received the card, you are welcome to contact our helpdesk by phone or e-mail.

Phone: +44 77 44 33 900

or e-mail

We look forward to seeing you in Sweden, and hope you will enjoy using our network during your stay!